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Don’t be floored by your school’s floors

Don’t Be Floored By Your School’s Floors

With the summer holidays fast approaching, school cleaning teams are probably dreaming of skipping through the school gates on the last day of term singing ‘schools out for summer;’ planning their holidays and picturing themselves on the beach with an iced-cold beverage in hand.

But, the end of term probably means that the school isn’t looking its best. Marks on the walls, scuffs on the floors and gum underneath the tables? It’s definitely time for a deep clean.

For on-site cleaning teams, this is the busiest time of year. There’s no 6 weeks holiday- it’s all clean, clean & clean!

Last year, more than a handful of schools shut their doors on staff and pupils after outbreaks of sickness. Primary schools in Leicester and Stockton both had to undertake a deep clean of their buildings after an abundance of pupils were getting sick.

The best way to prevent such an outbreak is to ensure effective cleaning and disinfecting is carried out to the highest of standards. So although September may seem forever away, its vital for cleaning teams to get to grips with their floor cleaning routine now: and we can help.

Based on years of experience, we’ve put together our expert recommendations to get your floors squeaky clean this summer!

What’s so important about school cleaning?               

  • It is widely accepted that a working environment has a direct impact on productivity. Clean schools=hardworking students!
  • A clean learning environment sends a message to students and encourages them to take pride in their school or college. Think less gum and graffiti!
  • Optimum hygiene reduces the risk of bugs and the spread of illnesses, improving attendance across the board.

How to be September ready.

Every day, hundreds of dirty, muddy and mucky shoes tread across school floors, leaving behind an assemblage of germs and potential viruses. Cleaning these floors effectively and thoroughly using the right products and equipment is a sure fire way to beat the bugs.

Because schools have such a large surface area, the most efficient cleaning machine to use is of course; a scrubber dryer. Although these machines make light work of floor maintenance, results can be dependent on the type of solution the cleaner is paired with.

Our cleaning expert, Stewart Thomas, recommends Jangro scrubber dryer solution for effective floor cleaning in schools. “Jangro scrubber dryer solution provides consistent cleaning, is less labour intensive and offers premium cleaning results.” Stewarts’ customer base includes well known educational facilities such as Bristol University and UWE, making him a true cleaning guru when it comes to best floor cleaning practice.

“The solution can be used in conjunction with any automatic scrubber dryer, but we’ve found the Karcher scrubber dryer (need model) to be one of the best on the market for floor cleaning within educational environments.” Says Stewart.

Don’t just clean-maintain!

Six weeks of summer gives cleaning teams more than enough time to strip, reseal, polish & maintain floors. Our handy product guide makes it a walk in the park!


Use a floor polish stripper to remove existing polish and build up. You’ll need to use a floor polish stripper before polishing your floor again.


Use a floor primer before a floor polish to maintain your existing floor and ensure your new floor polish won’t sink into the wood. A floor polish will then help maintain and revive your existing floor, especially in high footfall areas, whilst providing a great looking shine.


Floor maintainers are exactly what they sound like… designed to maintain your existing floor. A good floor maintainer will remove soiling, improve the appearance and ensure your floor polish lasts as long as possible.


If you have a wood, cork or concrete floor, you’ll need to use a floor seal. These types of floors are known for being porous so a floor seal ensures they aren’t permanently damaged by any dirt, oil or grease.


A wax polish is designed to preserve and protect hardwood flooring, especially in areas with high footfall and will also provide a rich shine.


If you are using an automatic machine for cleaning your floor, conventional cleaning products will create a lot of foam which can damage the machine, so choose a low foam cleaner which is designed to work efficiently with combination machines on different floors.

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