ISO 9001 & 14001 Accredited!

Pattersons Cleaning & Catering Supplies don't just have one ISO but two! There are not many other catering and cleaning product suppliers who can boast that!

Quality Management System ISO 9001

The fact Pattersons Cleaning & Catering Supplies is dedication to a total quality management system was recognised when we achieved our first ISO 9001 in 1990! Since then we have managed to retain this certification every year and today hold the most recent standard ISO 9001: 2015.This accreditation provides you our customers with confidence that we have set defined standards and by being externally audited you can rest assured and not just take our word for it! Our reputation as a supplier of great quality bar, catering products and cleaning supplies with excellent customer service is of paramount importance. Our ISO 9001 accreditation for our internal Quality Management systems is testimony to our commitment to providing customer satisfaction, and our dedication to ensuring consistency at all business levels. With our continual striving to improve our services and products, taking advantage of the latest technological developments whilst building and maintain relationships with our customers, we’ll continue to be accredited for a long time yet! 



ISO 14001:2015 – Accreditation Of Our Environmental Management System

This internationally recognised standard was awarded to Pattersons Cleaning & Catering Supplies in recognition of a total commitment to ensuring our practises are as sustainable as possible and the company’s commitment to a process to continually improve. This accreditation is awarded to companies that demonstrate a commitment to being environmentally friendly through reducing waste, managing consumption and establishing good recycling systems. 

Pattersons Cleaning Supplies are an ethically minded organisation, who continually strive to implement and sustain green practices, that's why we are proud to have obtained the internationally recognised ISO 14001 Environment Management System standard.  Currently we are working on a massive project to ensure Pattersons Cleaning & Catering Supplies is carbon neutral by 2030!

 As well as being an organisational tool that can assist businesses in running and growing, obtaining these standards is important to Pattersons Cleaning & Catering Supplies as it demonstrates we are a quality company with great environmental credentials. Us striving to obtain, then maintain these accreditations also benefits you, our customers, as it ensures improved quality and service, delivery on time, right first time attitude, fewer returned products and a commitment to quality. All with a green ethos which is beneficial to all of us. Partnering with Pattersons Cleaning & Catering Supplies ensures you are teaming up with a quality company that truly cares about the service we provide. Want to see our certificates! Get in touch with the team at

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