Dunicel Slipcovers

Dunicel slipcovers by Duni are table covers that are soft and linen-like. Our collection of Dunicel slipcovers are available in an array of different colours to suit any mood or occasion.  Heavy weight, these Duni tablecovers offer elegant draping and superior water-repellence, which outlasts any meal. Dunicel slipcovers are disposable but due to their durability if the previous diners are not too messy, can be used again. These unique tissue Duni table covers are diamond shaped slipcovers, which are rectangular in shape and can be placed on any tabletop in a diamond shape. With a variety of co-ordinating Duni napkins, banquet roll and tabletop accessories, by choosing Duni for your slipcovers you can create great aesthetic appeal.  Table covers make any dining occasion feel more special, improve acoustics, and create a lovely canvas for your food. Duni slipcovers made from Dunicel also protect your tables, meaning less cleaning, better hygiene, and more time for guests. Have a browse through the extensive collection of Duni slip covers available and select the perfect coloured table cover.

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