Duniletto Dunilin Napkins

Duniletto Dunilin Napkins save you time with napkin folding. These premium catering napkins by Duni are made from Dunilin which is a heavy weight catering napkin, that’s soft and thick and textile-like.  Exceptionally long lasting the impressive water absorbency of these Duni napkins really show the level of quality.  The Duniletto range from Duni are pre-folded cutlery pockets so you can pop your cutlery inside before service, saving time and hassle relaying tables.  Grat for outdoor events, as the weight from the cutlery holds the catering napkin in place. Once these Duniletto napkins are unfolded they become a large, premium dinner napkin, that looks and feels like linen. Available in a variety of colours, there is a Duniletto Dunilin napkin for every occasion!

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