With a strong mission to “win the war on poor sanitation”, Demestos have worked hard over the years to create a range of quality and reliable toilet cleaners that will improve not just our washroom sanitation, but also that in countries all over the world. Known for their dedication to good sanitation, Demestos have a track record for their charity work, most recently working closely with UNICEF to provide safer and cleaner sanitation. Most popular with schools and education establishments, the Demostos toilet cleaners offer a quality cleaning solution for toilets all over the world.

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  1. Domestos Urinal Blocks 3kg
    Exl. VAT £37.14 Inc. VAT £44.57
    Stock Code: JG751796
  2. Domestos Original Bleach 750ml
    Exl. VAT £3.08 Inc. VAT £3.70
    Stock Code: C5-00121
  3. Domestos Original Bleach 5ltr
    Exl. VAT £13.26 Inc. VAT £15.91 As low as £15.91
    Stock Code: JG124004

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