Disposable Gloves

Our disposable gloves department features a range of disposable plastic gloves for hand protection for many industries.  Most popular for food preparation, in care homes and for cleaning, here you will find a wide variety of disposable plastic gloves for a variety of applications.  Browse and you will discover an extensive collection of vinyl disposable gloves.  As well as stocking clear and blue vinyl gloves, there are options for your vinyl gloves to be powdered or un-powdered, as well as vinyl gloves for small hands to extra-large!   Our disposable plastic glove department also offers latex gloves, which though there are many latex allergy sufferers today, are still a popular choice in professional industries.  If you or your workers suffer from a latex allergy then our huge range of nitrile disposable gloves are perfect.  We stock all the key hand sizes in nitrile gloves as well as a choice of different grades of nitrile disposable gloves.  Small synthetic examination gloves designed for medical procedures are available under our Examination Glove section.  Here at Pattersons Cleaning Supplies we also stock disposable polythene gloves.  These plastic disposable gloves are very popular in the food preparation industry and for food service on delis and cold food counters.  Finally our disposable glove department stocks disposable glove dispensers, an essential for holding glove boxes for quick, easy glove dispensing.

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