Handee Cheese Cutter Board & Accessories

For cheese cutting the Handee cheese board with its cheese cutting accessoires is one of the most popular choices in the UK for professional cheese cutting. Loved by delicatessens, as well as chef’s, this good-looking cheese board is perfect for both front of house use and in the kitchen. The Handee cheese board has a smooth cutting action, perfect for ensuring your Cheddar cheese does not crumble when cutting! The Handee cheese board cuts cheese quickly, neatly and economically ensuring there is minimal crumbing of cheese and therefore no waste! A white, sturdy cheese cutting board, the Handee cheese board has patented floating wire slices which cut smoothly through all types of cheese. After each piece of cheese is cut, the Handee cheese cutting wires retract back to the cutting position, and when not in use, the Handee cheese board’s handle is housed in retaining slots. The cheese cutting wire is kept semi-taut and free from kinks.

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