EziProtekta Kitchen Safety Grey Chef Shoes

If you’re on your feet for up to 70 hours per week, you need to have confidence in your footwear. That’s why at Pattersons Catering Supplies, we stock a range of EziProtekta safety shoes, including these EziProtekta kitchen safety grey chef shoes that are ideal for a busy professional chef. These chef shoes from the experts at Toffeln are designed with professional chefs in mind. They combine radical featherweight comfort clogs with an ultra-strong composite safety toe cap to protect your feet if anything were to get dropped on your feet. EziProtekta chef clogs exceed CE standards with a grip-safe resistant sole and the correct support required for working long hours. These grey chef shoes offer both comfort and protection and have an adjustable ankle strap as well as oil and hear resistant soles. These EziProtekta chef shoes in grey come in a range of sizes from size 5 to 12.

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