Printed Catering Disposables

Catering Supplies can assist you get the message across and out there! We can also help you communicate your green message and inform your customers about your biodegradable hot cups, recyclable catering napkins or more!

Printed Hot Cups, Cold Cups & Badged Take Away Food Packaging | Bespoke Printed Catering Disposables

Take away disposables for food and drink on the go is one of the best ways to advertise your business. Such a great branding opportunity as your customers carries their hot drink cup around, or that delicious salad in a compostable clear packaging, maybe even brand the paper bag they carry it in?! Cost-effective, printed disposables are great for all types of business, especially those whose food and drink goes on the move!

As Pattersons Catering Supplies have partnered with Vegware eco-disposables we also offer a bespoke printing service for all of the Vegware products. Using eco-friendly inks, what better way to tell your customers about your brand and the fact you use eco-disposables too?

Pattersons Catering Supplies can brand and supply most of Vegware’s products, with their award-winning printed cups being a real speciality. Some of the Vegware designs they have produced for our catering customers are truly amazing, communicating not only the company but their eco-conscious credentials. Most leaflets don't get a second glance, but bespoke printed on a hot cup, cold cup, bag or food carton and your marketing message gets to enjoy a leisurely coffee or snack with your target audience. You won’t believe it but you can have a full colour custom print on the Vegware double wall cups starts from just 1,000 units! What better way, with an eco-conscience is there to tell your story or promote your brand! To find out more about badging your food and drink packaging contact Pattersons Catering Supplies team of catering product experts for a quotation 0117 934 1270.

Fancy Showing Off Your Logo & Brand Colours On Eco-Packaging? Browse The Vegware Product Range Today!

Printed Napkins For Cafes & Restaurants | Catering Napkins With Your Logo

Good quality paper catering napkins in suitable colours makes a big contribution to the impression that your visitors are left with. So why should you choose standard solutions when it is very easy to give your paper napkins a personal touch? With custom print you can choose a recognisable, distinctive printed image for your napkins and coasters. It will cost you only a little bit extra and it is possible to print small quantities.

With printed napkins it is easy to surprise your customers or visitors. You can wish them an enjoyable meal in an original way or grab their attention with an eye-catching logo. In fact, custom print is suitable for every message and for every occasion; from work canteens and lunchrooms to cafeterias and restaurants. You can also custom print in relatively small quantities, and the extra costs compared to unprinted paper tableware are very favourable. Whether you choose 1 ply, 2 ply or 3 ply napkins we can arrange for these to be printed for you. We can also arrange for coasters that match!

  • An original way to catch the eye: You can choose from different coloured printing, images, and letter types so as to give your paper tableware the look that goes with your business.
  • Very few extra costs: Depending on what you want to have (one or more colours) on average the additional costs to have your napkins customised are minimal.
  • Small quantities are also possible: Custom Print does not have to be ordered in large quantities. This means that it is ideal for small businesses or if you want to change your printing regularly. As well as helping many of our customers obtain great branded napkins we are able (subject to contact) to hold the stock in-house. 

We know many of our customers do not have large storage areas so we will happily hold your disposable napkins and let you draw from the stock as and when required. Contact our sales team on 0117 934 1270 to find out more.

Check Out Our Catering Napkins & Start Thinking What Would Suit Your Logo!

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