Shetland Tumbler Glasses

Arcoroc Shetland glassware is a range of modern sleek tumblers and hi-balls which taper in at the base.  Suitable for serving a variety of spirits and soft drinks, these glasses offer a distinctive conical design with heavyweight bases.  The Shetland glass range includes the Shetland hi-ball glasses for tall drinks and the Shetland old fashioned glasses for those that enjoy bourbons, whiskeys and other manly tipples, with minimal mixer and served on the rocks.  Shetland stemware can be used on the most elegantly laid tables or at the bar.  These Arcoroc glasses are available with next day UK delivery from Pattersons Catering Supplies. The Shetland range of glasses is manufactured by Arcoroc.  This glassware brand has been designing innovative solutions to the practical challenges faced by drinking establishments for over fifty years.  The key to success for Arcoroc is to propose solutions that meet the needs of bars, pubs, clubs and discotheques with the added value of attractive, visually pleasing glassware that is pleasant to drink from.

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