As a leading global producer of hygiene solutions for the education, food processing, grocery, healthcare, hospitality and office industries, Gojo and Purell have formulated some world-renowned hand cleaning solutions, hand washing, hand sanitising and skin care formulas. Known for its state-of-the-art dispensing technology, GOJO promote the ultimate hygiene and skin care regime. In fact, GOJOs partner PURELL are America’s number 1 instant hand sanitiser! Offering a range of Gojo foam hand soaps, Antimicrobial foam hand washes, Milk handwashes, lotion handwashes Fragrance free hand soaps as well as luxury soaps, hand medic skin care creams and PURELL advanced hygienic hand rubs that function effectively with our hand soap dispensers such as our Jangronauts dispensers for children, our GOJO and PURELL hand sanitising range is one of our most used skin care ranges.

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  1. GOJO Supro Max Hand Cleaner 2ltr. (4)
    Exl. VAT £72.09 Inc. VAT £86.51
    Stock Code: BK1027
  2. Gojo White LTX-12 Cartridge Soap Dispenser 1200ml
    Exl. VAT £53.65 Inc. VAT £64.38
    Stock Code: BN705-GJ

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