Polycarbonate Meal Trays

Our selection of polycarbonate meal trays are ideal for schools and healthcare facilities. With their individual compartments for food, attractive bright designs, shatter proof material and 100& recyclable status (although they are dishwasher friendly). These polycarbonate meal trays available in sizes from small to large with a variation of styles promise to be shatter and split proof making them long-lasting as they can be reused multiple times. Arguably more hygienic and durable than traditional porcelain crockery, these meal trays are ideal for busy establishments that advertise value for money and want something last lasting and sustainable over time. These polycarbonate meal trays are preferred by schools as they are safer for children as they avoid breakages, are light weight and ensure that the schools carbon footprint is reduced with the recyclable and re-usable options – something that’s important to schools.

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