Arcoroc New York Hiballs

A revisited classic or a trendy new design, no matter the style you choose for your bar, the glassware you choose is vital. The Arcoroc New York range of glassware combines a classic style with a retro design feel to it. This stylish glassware features a range of glassware whether every item in the range is unique – just like its namesake New York where there is something unique on every block you walk down. From a vintage inspired hiball to solid lines, each glass in this range is sure to make an impression on guests. This range of Arcoroc New York hiballs are ergonomic and stackable, which are ideal qualities for bar service. This range of Arcoroc glassware is fully tempered and toughened, which makes it extra resistant – five times for resistant than untreated glassware, which brings industry strength to glassware. Tempered glass is economical, resulting in fewer breakages, plus it is safe; when it breaks, it breaks into blunt fragments, to give catering professionals greater peace of mind.

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