Churchill Equation Restaurant Crockery

Churchill Equation is a collection by Churchill China of white catering crockery that combines deep bowls, wide rims and elevated curved profiles to bring drama to the tabletop.  Churchill Equation offers multi-functional shapes which work beautifully together or as individual signature dishes.  This collection of white restaurant crockery is used by professional caterers to showcase every type of dish imaginable from salads to pastas, desserts and risottos. These stunning white bowls and dishes are manufactured on the Churchill China Super Vitrified porcelain body which is recognised as one of the strongest ranges of catering crockery in the World.  Each piece of restaurant crockery in the Equation collection has a superior glaze which has been specially developed to resist erosion caused by dishwashing and it is resistant to damage caused by cutlery.  Designed to be stacked back of house, the full glaze of the dishes in the Equation collection by Churchill China protects from mechanical markings. 

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