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Beverage Machines

Meet your customers demand for hot drinks with these beverage machines from Pattersons Catering Equipment. The British love a cup of tea, but recently coffee sales have been growing as we’ve started to share our Italian friend’s love of coffee.  With every restaurant, coffee shop, hotel and bar now offering lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos to their customers it is important to have the correct commercial beverage service equipment.  Here at Pattersons we supply a good range of commercial water boilers and urns from brands such as Lincat and Parry, to Bravilor coffee machines for American style filter coffee.  And if you are just after a catering kettle for the kitchen - we also supply those too!

Check out our front of house section if you are looking for china cups and saucers as well as beverage accessories such as coffee spoons and stirrers.  If you serve take-away coffee then look under the Disposable section for all the paper cups you’d ever require.