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In the catering trade, front of house supplies are among the most important things you’ll ever have to buy. Whether you’re buying catering crockery, restaurant glassware, catering cutlery or tablecloths, the front of house presentation says as much about your business as the dishes you serve or the attitude of your staff.

At Pattersons, we know what people in the catering industry are looking for, and we’ve spent more than 127 years keeping up to date with modern trends, in both form and function, to offer you a very wide assortment of catering supplies, which not only look great, but also do the job perfectly, and are capable of withstanding the rough treatment sometimes associated with use in a busy catering environment.

Our front of house section is where you will find thousands of premium quality items, from brands like Arcoroc, Churchill China, Chef & Sommelier and Art de Cuisine, all of which have a sophisticated, distinguished look, perfectly suited to use in an upmarket restaurant, bar or hotel. In addition to which, we also stock a selection of brands suited to a tighter budget, allowing you to find exactly the right economic catering supplies for your establishment.

Our catering crockery section is one of the largest available anywhere, with a huge variety of plates, bowls, dishes, mugs, cups, saucers and much more to choose from. As with all the items we sell, our restaurant crockery caters to all tastes, and is every bit as durable as it is attractive.

Likewise, we offer a very wide selection of catering glassware. Whether you’re looking for toughened pint glasses for use in a busy pub, or attractive champagne flutes for use at a catered event, you can be certain the Pattersons Catering Supplies have exactly the right restaurant glassware for your needs.

Catering cutlery is another department we take a great deal of pride in. Other than the furniture, there is nothing in your premises that your customers will spend so much time in contact with, and we understand that the feel of restaurant cutlery is every bit as important as the look and the price. Our offering of catering cutlery offers something to suit a very diverse range of tastes, with something for first class hotels and truckstop cafes alike.

As well as our catering cutlerycatering crockery and restaurant glassware, we also stock a remarkable amount of tabletop items, such as table cloths, salt cellars and pepper pots, cafetieres, wine buckets, napkins and serviettes. Whatever catering supplies you’re looking for, you will find it at