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At Pattersons Catering Disposables, as the name suggests, we stock a large variety of catering disposables for all your catering requirements. From catering napkins for front of house, to bar and drink disposables such as cocktail sticks and beer hoppers. For food packaging, come to Pattersons for a range of disposable containers for hot food such as pizza boxes, BioPak containers, and cold food containers such as sandwiches and salad boxes. Don’t forget our range of paper cups, disposable glasses and disposable cutlery and paper plates - everything you need when you don’t want to wash up!

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Due to the various demands people have for different bar and restaurant catering disposables we have divided this into sections to make your search easier. Browse all the ranges to find the exact wholesale catering disposables that you need for your business.

Buy Disposable Glasses and Disposable Tableware from Pattersons Catering Disposables

Our ranges of disposable glasses are designed for professional use in pubs, at festivals or shows.  These pint disposable glasses, half pint plastic glasses and even plastic wine glasses and champagne flutes offer your customer a better experience of plastic glasses, as they are designed not to split whilst in use. When our range of plastic cups are combined with the rest of our disposable eating aids, such as paper plates, polystyrene plates and bowls, plastic cutlery, wooden cutlery and napkins, you can serve a whole meal without the need to wash up! If you are worried about the environment then look out for our range of compostable disposables and biodegradables which offer you the same benefits of disposable items but with less harm to the environment.

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If you require bar and drink disposables then this section offers you a large range of paper cocktail napkins, swizzle sticks and cocktail accessories such as parasols! Our range of kitchen disposables offers everything for the chef to serve food safely and meet Food Hygiene Regulations.

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Within our range of disposable food packaging, we sell a vast range of paper cups for hot and cold drinks, so if you need paper cups for tea and coffee service look no further than here to choose the perfect cup for espressos, cappuccinos and builder’s teas! With printed and white designs, we can even offer a service to have any of these items printed with your brand and logo. And for takeaways we also have every food packaging solution you need from pizza boxes, to sandwich wraps, paper bags and salad boxes.

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Find all the essential wholesale catering disposables you need with Pattersons Catering Disposables. If you have any questions about the large range of bar and restaurant disposables we stock here at Pattersons, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services department by email on, or by phone on 0117 934 1270.