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Wrapmaster Dispensers & Films

Wrapmaster Dispensers & Films

Wrapmaster dispensers are a popular choice for cling film, foil and other kitchen wrap dispensing.  The Wrapmaster dispensing system helps to reduce the waste of cling film and foil by 35% and also increases productivity. Wrapmaster is an innovative cling film and tin foil dispensing system which features a unique cutting blade to safely cut films and foil, stopping fingers being injured during use!  Providing a hygienic, safe, cost-effective and, above all, simple way to dispense food wraps, the Wrapmaster refillable dispensers can be stored away or wall mounted for easy access.  The Wrapmaster ensures that each time you use the film dispensing system, you are left with a clean cut of foil or film every time.  In a choice of different sized Wrapmasters, to meet the different demands of a professional kitchen, the Wrapmaster range includes the Compact Dispenser, the Wrapmaster 3000 and the Wrapmaster 4500 dispenser. Wrapmaster dispensers and Wrapmaster refills are available with next day UK delivery from Pattersons Catering Supplies.

Kitchen Disposables

The Wrapmaster dispenser and system is part of a massive range of kitchen disposables for professional chefs and caterers.  With next day UK delivery, order your Wrapmaster dispenser today and your Wrapmaster refills and Pattersons Catering Supplies will deliver anywhere in mainland UK next day.  Since 1889 we have been supplying UK businesses and are one of the largest independent catering suppliers in the UK today.  Find out more about Pattersons Catering Supplies, our catering supply range or Wrapmaster systems by calling our customer services team on 0117 934 1270.  They are here to help answer any kitchen disposables question you have.

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