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Chef & Sommelier Open Up Glasses

Chef & Sommelier Open Up Glasses

With Open Up, Chef & Sommelier presents a collection of restaurant wine glasses with a revolutionary design, created specifically for young wines. These C&S restaurant glasses are perfect for serving new world wines such as Australian, Chilean, Californian and the growing popular English wine served by the glass. The shape of the Open Up glass range creates an accelerated decanter effect that encourages aromas to develop. A large surface for oxygenation that closed wines require, a lower part where aromas can develop, and an upper part of the glass that then concentrates the aroma, all come together to allow instant enjoyment of young wines.

With their distinctive shape and elegant, flowing curves, the Chef & Sommelier Open Up range of champagne flutes and wine glasses will lend a real sense of sophistication to any setting, from wine bars and restaurants, to hotels and brasseries. In addition to which they have an elegant and delicate appeal. Made from Chef & Sommelier’s revolutionary material Krysta, this makes these Open Up glasses immensely sturdy.

Krysta is a proprietary lead-free crystal glass that complies with the world’s most testing specifications of superior strength, complete transparency, long-standing brilliance and perfect acoustics. These restaurant catering glasses are capable of withstanding the rigours of hospitality, and maintain their shine even after 2,000 dishwashing cycles.

Designed for commercial use in busy bars or restaurants, this range of catering glassware is also very popular with the home user and makes the perfect gift for wine connoisseurs!

Chef & Sommelier Open Up Glasses | Fine Restaurant Glassware

As well as looking lavish on any table, Chef & Sommelier Open Up restaurant glasses are specifically designed to open up wine for a more enhanced aromatic and enjoyable taste experience.  To browse alternative C&S restaurant glassware ranges, visit Pattersons Bar Supplies’ crystal restaurant glasses department where you are sure to find an array of upmarket glasses to suit your restaurants requirements. We stock a comprehensive range of catering glassware for all types of establishment or even for home use!