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Chef & Sommelier Open Up Glasses

With their distinctive shape and elegant, flowing curves, the Krysta Open Up range of champagne flutes and wine glasses will lend a real sense of sophistication to any setting, from wine bars and restaurants, to hotels and brasseries. In addition to which, though they have an elegant and delicate appeal, the Krysta Open Up Glasses are immensely sturdy, and will stand up to a fair amount of rough treatment in a busy commercial kitchen.

Krysta is a proprietary lead-free crystal glass that complies with the world’s most testing specifications of superior strength, complete transparency, long-standing brilliance and perfect acoustics. Capable of withstanding the rigours of hospitality, these C&S glasses maintain their shine even after 2,000 dishwashing cycles.

As well as looking lavish on any table, these restaurant glasses are specifically designed to open up wine for a more enhanced aromatic and enjoyable taste experience.  To browse alternative C&S glassware ranges, visit our crystal restaurant glasses department where you are sure to find an array of glasses to suit your requirements.