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Plastic Cups

Plastic Cups

Plastic cups in a range of sizes will be a great addition to a number of businesses; from clubs, pubs and bars, to cafes and coffee shops. Whether you’re serving a soft drink or a smoothie, there is a plastic cold drink cup for you. This extensive range includes smoothie cups in large capacity 20oz cups, and smaller 5oz plastic cups. We also stock a range of lids to match the disposable cups to help you serve smoothies and juices as takeaway drinks. If you’re concerned about being eco-friendly, we even have that covered with a selection of biodegradable cups. Disposable cups are used once, and simply disposed of. No washing up, and no breakages to contend with.

Plastic Cups – Part of a Range of Disposable Plastic Glassware

Pattersons Catering Supplies stock a large range of wholesale disposable glassware, perfect for any event or business. This range of plastic cups are part of an extensive range of disposable glassware, including wine glasses, plastic tumblers and more. Pattersons Catering Supplies are a leading supplier of catering glassware for bars, restaurants, pubs and more. Browse our online range of catering & restaurants glasses online now. If you have any questions about our cold drink cups, contact our customer services team on or call 0117 934 1270.