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Safety Helmets & Hats

Adhering to head protection regulations requires the purchase of quality safety equipment - vital for protecting your staff from potential hazards and dangers in the work place. At Pattersons Workwear, amongst our range of personal safety equipment we have a selection of safety helmets and hats. This range of hard hat helmets and safety caps offer head protection for a variety of applications. Hard hats are vital if your employees are working in environments such as construction sites, and other sites where there is the danger of falling items. Be safe, and be seen with these bright yellow safety hats! These hats can be adjusted so ensure complete comfort and safety.

Buy Safety Helmets & Hats from Pattersons Workwear

For more information on personal protection equipment or the range of safety helmets and safety hats we stock here at Pattersons Workwear, why not give our customer services team a call on 0117 934 1270, or email us on Browse our extensive range of PPE and work clothing, available to order now!

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