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Greaseproof Paper & Baking Paper

Greaseproof Paper & Baking Paper

Greaseproof paper and baking paper is designed to help with fuss-free cooking and to help enhance your food presentation when using galvanised steel or copper serving dishes. In a range of colours and prints, such as gingham, printed, and plain, our greaseproof paper can look stylish presented on a dining room table going for a more gastropub feel, or simply used to line trays being used as plates. At Pattersons Catering Supplies, our extensive range of greaseproof papers and baking papers are heavy duty grease and moisture resistant, and are therefore suitable for a variety of cooking tasks. Our range of parchment paper provides a heat-resistant, non-stick surface, ensuring effortless baking and great versatility in the kitchen.

Greaseproof Paper & Baking Paper – Part of an Extensive Range of Kitchen Disposables

At Pattersons Catering Supplies, we look to stock an extensive range of kitchen disposables to ensure that you have everything to help you run your kitchen smoothly. Whether you’re a professional chef, a mobile caterer, or simply cook for fun at home, we have a kitchen disposable that is ideal for you. And what’s more, we offer FREE UK delivery on orders. To find out more about the range of baking paper and parchment paper we stock at Pattersons Catering Supplies, contact us on 0117 934 1270, or email us on