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Churchill Alchemy Fine China

Churchill Alchemy Fine China

Churchill Alchemy Fine China is a collection of premium restaurant crockery by Churchill China designed to grace the finest of tables. Each piece of restaurant crockery in the Churchill Alchemy range is made from premium quality materials, with the aim of offering exquisite fine china that will create the ultimate fine dining experience. This supremely attractive commercial crockery combines elegance and sophistication like no other. Whether used singly or together, items from Churchill’s Alchemy collection do more than serve a purpose presenting your dishes; they create an aura that will delight your customers, and emphasise the fact that yours is a fine dining establishment of real distinction.

The Alchemy range of fine restaurant crockery includes a very wide assortment of catering crockery items. Whether you’re looking for stunning plates and bowls that will lend an unparalleled sense of sophistication to the dining experience, or teacups and saucers that are the very embodiment of refinement, Churchill Alchemy has what you’re looking for, in a wide array of  attractive styles and designs. A large part of Alchemy’s remarkably distinguished ambience is the materials from which it is made. Using a combination of specially selected clays and a high percentage of alumina, Alchemy Fine China has a real translucence – the mark of premium quality fine restaurant crockery. This makes any dish presented on Churchill Alchemy fine crockery a really intriguing prospect, adding a sense of theatre to the meal.

Each item in the Alchemy restaurant crockery range is fully glazed, making them highly resistant to thermal shock, as well as any wear and tear. Don’t let the delicate appearance fool you – Churchill Alchemy Fine China is as tough as they come!

Buy Churchill Alchemy Fine China from Pattersons Catering Supplies

As a leading catering crockery supplier, here at Pattersons Catering Supplies as you would expect we stock all the most popular collections of Churchill Alchemy China as part of our extensive range of Churchill China.  Highlights in the Alchemy Fine China range include Alchemy White which acts as a base to mix with other collections from Alchemy China.  Browse through the Alchemy Ambience, Alchemy Energy and Alchemy Jardin collections and let your mind open to the endless possibilities this fine restaurant crockery range inspires.

If you have any questions about the range of Churchill Alchemy that we stock at Pattersons Catering Supplies, call our customer services team on 0117 934 1270 or email FREE UK delivery is available on all catering crockery from our extensive range.