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Bar Accessories

Bar Accessories

Bar accessories for home bars, bars and pubs.  Our bar accessories range has all the bar tools, accessories and bar equipment required to run a busy pub or bar. How would you chop your condiments, or ream your citrus fruits without our bar preparation equipment?  Where would you pop your sliced fruit ready for drinks service without our condiment dispensers? To serve ice you will require our ice tongs and ice scoops, and also ice crushers and ice cube trays.  Then hopefully your service was well received and one of our tip trays and bill presenters will allow your customers to demonstrate their appreciation!!  Of course your attention may need to be drawn so let your customers do this by using a service bell.  Whatever pub accessories you require for your bar you will find it all in Pattersons Bar Supplies massive bar supply range.

Bar Accessories For Home Bars, Pubs & Bars

Whether you need home bar accessories, wholesale bar accessories, pub accessories or bar equipment you will fit it all at Pattersons Bar Supplies. Browse our extensive bar supplies department for bar equipment, bar accessories, cocktail accessories, wine accessories and more. If you need any help or guidance selecting the right pub accessories, looking to stock up your home bar or wish to discuss wholesale bar accessory supplies contact our customer services team on 0117 934 1270.