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Restaurant Candles & Tealights

Restaurant Candles & Tealights

Professional quality candles & tealights designed for use by caterers in hotels, restaurants and bars.  Our huge range of table candles, church candles, pillar candles and tealights offers a comprehensive collection of tabletop candles for every occasion.  Designed for professional use, these candles are optimised for safety, quality and convenience.  So maximise the cosiness of any indoor or outdoor space, spend less time lighting and cleaning, and more time on guests.  From traditional style wax candles, to modern LED collections of table lights, browse our department online.

Candles & Tealights For Every Occasion @ Pattersons Catering Supplies

Candles add the final touch to any tabletop setting, so discover Pattersons Catering Supplies extensive range of wax and LED candles, as well as tealights in large cases for catering.  With wholesale candle pricing, next day delivery, there is no excuse not to have your evening glowing and twinkling!

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