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Churchill Pavilion

Churchill Pavilion

Churchill China Pavilion - make a statement with the stunning blue and white trellis design!  This Churchill Tableware pattern creates the backdrop to suit any gastronomic delight.  Pavilion’s blue colourway enhances the food, and the trellis design of this Churchill China pattern draws your eyes to the centre of the plate.  Pavilion is a popular pattern from Churchill China for years.

Catering & Restaurant Crockery From Churchill China

Churchill Tableware is a renowned manufacturer of catering crockery, who create ranges of professional catering china designed for commercial use.  Churchill China’s super vitrified body is recognised as one of the strongest crockery bodies in the world.  With a fully glazed body that protects each piece of commercial crockery, every item manufactured by Churchill China is designed for safe stacking. 

Pattersons Catering Supplies – A UK Catering & Restaurant Crockery Supplier

Pattersons Catering Supplies stock commercial crockery for every occasion from leading tableware brands like Churchill China, Art De Cuisine and Alchemy.  Discover our extensive online range of catering crockery and find the perfect Churchill China pattern or plain white range for you.  Since 1889 we have been supplying UK businesses so find out why we are still today a leading independent supplier of catering crockery wholesale.  Contact our friendly customer services team on or 0117 934 1270, if you have any questions regarding Churchill China Pavilion or have a general professional restaurant crockery question.


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