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Polycarbonate Plates

Polycarbonate Plates

Our range of polycarbonate plates are strong, lightweight and in an amazing array of colours. Manufactured from a superior grade of polycarbonate these plates will not shatter or splint, making polycarbonate plates a great catering crockery solution for schools and healthcare.  With a number of advantages over regular crockery, polycarbonate plates offer a real hygienic and durable alternative to porcelain.  Our range of polycarbonate plates is perfect if you are looking to inject some colour into meal service.  With bright red polycarbonate plates, green plates, blue plates, purple polycarbonate plates to name just a few colours available, here at Pattersons Catering Supplies we also stock a range of patterned polycarbonate plates too.  Coloured polycarbonate will not fade overtime and our range of superior polycarb plates are designed to offer years of use, even if dishwashed.  If you run a care home, a school or any business that it is essential your catering crockery does not break, then polycarbonate tableware is the safest option of catering crockery.

Polycarbonate Crockery | Catering Crockey That's Unbreakable!

Browse through our polycarbonate tableware range to find out more, or if you require coordinating polycarbonate cutlery then have a look at our colorful collection.  We also stock a wide range of catering crockery here at Pattersons Catering Supplies.