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Churchill Nova Restaurant Crockery

Churchill Nova Restaurant Crockery

Churchill Nova is a range of catering crockery by Churchill China that offers a blank canvas to let your food stand out.  Nova white restaurant china is a range of plates and bowls in key sizes which combine contemporary understated design with functionality and durability.  Each Churchill Nova white plate and bowl has a narrow rim which gives a greater serving area for food presentation.  This range of Churchill Super Vitrified China is ideal for all types of dining occasion and has been a popular range of catering crockery from Churchill China for decades.  The reinforced rolled edge on each white Nova plate and bowl increases chip resistance making this a great range for professional caterers.

Churchill Super Vitrified China is specifically designed to withstand the demands of the catering industry.  Each piece of white restaurant crockery in the Nova narrow rim collection of catering crockery is super vitrified.  This means that not only will these Nova plates and bowls look as good as new for longer, but also that they can withstand the rigorous use of a professional catering establishment.  Super vitrified by Churchill China is one of the strongest catering crockery bodies.  Each piece of restaurant white crockery offers extra strength and durability and can withstand use in a commercial microwave.  Churchill Nova white catering crockery has also been tested to last over 5000 dishwash cycles.  With the Churchill Edge & Chip guarantee you can be rest assured that the Nova restaurant crockery collection will offer years of use.  Each Nova white plate and bowl also has a full superior glaze, which provides not only a smooth surface to present food on, but ensures metal markings are minimised when stacking.

Churchill Nova Complements & Matches Other Churchill Super Vitrified Crockery Ranges

Churchill Nova, a collection of restaurant crockery fit for all occasions, is designed to work well with any of the catering crockery ranges from Churchill China.  Browse through Pattersons Catering Supplies extensive range of catering crockery online and find perfectly co-ordinating restaurant crockery.  Here at Pattersons Catering Supplies we stock an extensive range of catering crockery for all occasions.  Browse our massive online range of wholesale catering crockery today.