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Churchill Monochrome Beverage

Churchill Monochrome Beverage

Churchill Monochrome is a collection of stunning beverage items that complement both existing Churchill China super vitrified ranges of catering crockery as well as working as stand out wow pieces of drink service.  Reminiscent of artisan pottery, this UK manufactured range of catering crockery consists of monochrome coloured cups which have been hand dipped in a reactive colour glaze.  This makes every item in this Churchill China range unique and adds to the overall charm.  Monochrome by Churchill is an excellent example of studio pottery designed to withstand the rigours of a busy hospitality environment.  With three existing monochrome colourways to choose from, you can mic and match this range or just select the colour that fits your style and décor best.  Available colours in this catering crockery range are sapphire blue, cinnamon brown and onyx black.  Mix and match with Churchill Whiteware or try one of the exciting Churchill China ranges such as Studio Prints or Stonecast Patina.

Churchill Monochrome: Catering Crockery By Churchill China

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