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Churchill Beverage Catering Crockery

Churchill Beverage Catering Crockery

Churchill Beverage is a collection of white cups, mugs, saucers and drink accessories for serving hot drinks.  This exciting Churchill China range of beverage catering crockery offers a wide selection of shapes and sizes for serving coffee, tea and hot chocolate.  For white cappuccino cups, latte cups and mugs as well as stacking cups, mugs and of course saucers, have a look through this range of beverage items from Churchill China.  Churchill China is super vitrified and designed for professional use in the catering trade and this Beverage collection from Churchill is also microwave and dishwasher safe.  Each piece of white china in the Churchill Beverage collection has a superior full glaze finish.  So if you require a large bowl cappuccino cup, some latte mugs, white espresso cups or even unhandled mugs and mugs, look no further than the Churchill Beverage collection.

Catering Crockery By Churchill China

Customers ask why does Churchill super vitrified china cost more than domestic crockery. Churchill Super Vitrified catering crockery may cost more in the short term but as well as offering great presentation to your customers, it has been proven that by using professional catering crockery less replacements, less breakages, less chips and less metal markings occur which saves you pounds in the long run.  So invest in Churchill Beverage now and save money in the long term.

Pattersons Catering Supplies stock a comprehensive range of catering and restaurant crockery from Churchill China.  Browse our extensive online collection of Churchill China, order today for delivery tomorrow.