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Tafelstern Restaurant Crockery

Tafelstern Restaurant Crockery

Tafelstern are renowned for their superior quality restaurant crockery, offering refined and diversified presentation of culinary delights. The outstanding design of Trafelsterns shapes and patterns are highly appreciated, much like their long service life and durability. Stylish and subtle, this catering crockery offers a range of designs which will enhance food presentation and add ambiance to high end cuisine.  

Providing the perfect framework for exquisite cooking, this restaurant crockery is manufactured from the finest porcelain which is able to withstand the rigours of busy and demanding catering environments. Offering ideal pieces for setting eye-catching highlights in any dining setting, this professional catering crockery ensures that the presentation of fine foods takes centre stage.

Restaurant Crockery For The Finest Tabletops

Here at Pattersons we stock an array of catering crockery in a range of styles, designs and colours to suit your every requirement. From leading restaurant crockery suppliers like Churchill China, Royal Genware and Trafelstern you never have to compromise on the perfect range of catering crockery for you.