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Tea & Coffee Accessories

Tea & Coffee Accessories

Here in the UK, we’re big tea and coffee drinkers. In fact if you don’t have tea and coffee on your café or restaurant menu, you’re missing out! Serving a bad cup of coffee could jeopardise a customer returning in a culture of people who really care about their hot drinks but making a good, professional “proper” cup of coffee or tea in a bar or restaurant requires more than a tea bag and kettle – you need all of the professional accessories that will keep your customers smiling! Add a frothing jug, coffee filters, thermometer, tea strainer and coffee scoop to your kitchen to ensure you make the perfect cup of tea and coffee each time! Our beverage department offers a wide range of items aimed at making hot beverage service as easy as possible.

Tea & Coffee Making Accessories For Cafes And Restaurants

You may need a bit more than some beverage accessories to make your hot drinks! Luckily Pattersons Catering Supplies stock a massive range of insulated jugs, catering tea and coffee pots, cafeterias, and more! For conferences our range of airpots and vacuum jugs is hard to beat and we also stock drink signs. Call our team of catering product experts on 0117 934 1270 if you need any help selecting your beverage accessories.