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Spirit Dispensers & Spirit Measures

Spirit Dispensers & Spirit Measures

Spirit measures and spirit dispensers ensure you comply with the law in professional bars, or for home bars use our huge range of bar measures to stop drinks being too potent! If you serve spirits choose from our range of optic measures, speed pourers, thimble measures or jiggers. Our range of measures includes 25ml measures, 35ml and 50ml measures for dispensing spirits and liqueurs. Which type of spirit measure and dispenser best suits your needs depends on the type of bar you run, or how you’d like to run your home bar!  For fast, efficient dispensing of spirits, optic measures are hard to beat.  Optics also reduce wastage, unless you serve the wrong drink! Pattersons Bar Supplies have a range of optic measures which can be wall mounted when used with our range of spirit wall brackets & holders. Installing optic measures is a doddle with our large range of bar equipment! Though spirit optics have many benefits when dispensing spirits the setup is not suited for all bars.  For bars and pubs without spare walls to mount optic measures, here in our bar accessories and supplies range Pattersons stock a good range of thimble measures, jiggers and spirit pourers.  Available in a range of sizes from 25ml to 250ml our stainless steel thimble measures have been top sellers for years. These stainless steel spirit measures ensure the correct amount of spirit is dispensed to ensure compliance with weights and measures regulations.  When used with a speed pourer, less wastage occurs when dispensing.  If you wish to measure like a mixologist, in our spirit measure and dispenser range we stock a range of bar jiggers.  These jigger spirit measures are becoming increasingly more popular in professional bars in the UK to measure spirits.    

Bar Supplies, Accessories & Equipment

Pattersons Bar Supplies stock a comprehensive range of bar supplies, bar accessories and equipment in our Bar Supplies department.  Our spirit measures & spirit dispenser ranges are just part of a huge range of bar equipment online.  View the complete range of bar supplies available, order today and we will deliver next day anywhere in the UK.  For advice and guidance on choosing the right spirit measures and spirit dispensers please contact our customer services team on 0117 934 1270, or email