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Sola Oasis Cutlery

Sola Oasis Cutlery offers a modern take of catering cutlery on a classic style.  Manufactured from 18/10 stainless steel, each piece in the Oasis collection of cutlery has distinctive shapes with a wide appeal.  The uncompromising fine lines of Oasis and the soft curves of this range of cutlery has poise and contemporary appeal. This professional cutlery range is perfect for modern tabletops and will co-ordinate beautifully with most ranges of catering cutlery.  The complete collection features table knives, table forks, table spoons, steak knives, soup spoons, dessert knives, dessert forks, dessert spoons, tea spoons and serving forks & spoons.  Manufactured by Sola, a brand renowned for its quality restaurant cutlery in the European market, the Sola Oasis range of catering cutlery is hard wearing and long lasting.

Sola Oasis Cutlery – Restaurant Cutlery For Professional Use

If you are looking for a range of modern restaurant cutlery the Sola Oasis range is a good option.  This professional catering cutlery range has a high mirror polish and just requires buffing after washing to maintain its high mirror polish.  This restaurant cutlery range has all the pieces of catering cutlery required for any table setting.  With Sola having producing cutlery since 1922 and Pattersons Catering Supplies supplying the UK market since 1889, both companies are still independents offering unrivalled levels of customer care and supplies today.

Wholesale Cutlery Delivered Next Day From A UK Cutlery Supplier

Pattersons Catering Supplies are a leading independent supplier of wholesale catering cutlery to the UK market. With next day delivery and great customer service, Pattersons Catering Supplies not only offer range of catering cutlery such as the Sola Oasis range, but are also able to advise and help with selecting a range of catering cutlery to meet your needs within budget.  Browse our huge online catering cutlery supplies website and discover ranges of cutlery for every occasion.  From modern restaurant cutlery ranges such as Sola Oasis, to traditional Parish cutlery styles, fine dining ranges and of course budget economy options for mass catering.  Contact our customer services team if you have any questions regarding wholesale cutlery, the Sola Oasis cutlery range or wish to receive some advice about caring for your catering cutlery.  Open Monday to Friday 8.30am-5pm, call 0117 934 1270.