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Rustico Azul Crockery

Rustico Azul Crockery

Rustico Azul Crockery is a stoneware range with reactive glaze ensuring every piece is unique. Rustico Azul Crockery brings a 'Hand crafted' Mediterranean feel to the table. Produced in the same tough, fully vitrified stoneware as the Rustico range, this collection has been designed to perform in the toughest of catering environments. The design of Rustico Azul calls to mind the Mediterranean dinner tables with our wide range of soup bowls, casseroles, plates, dip sets, tapas dishes, pizza plates etc.

Here at Pattersons, we stock a huge range of professional catering crockery to suit your requirements. Restaurant crockery can truly transform and bring your culinary creations to life, which is why we stock such a vast array of colours, sizes, materials, styles and designs- so that you can find something that suits your exact requirements.