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Rustico Ironstone Crockery

Rustico Ironstone Crockery

Committed to producing a crockery range which covers all aspects of the market place, DPS have introduced the new Rustico Ironstone Crockery set. Each individual item of stoneware crockery offers a freeform shape with a dark reactive glaze that guarantees that no two items are the same. This particular dinnerware range has been designed to offer a 'hand crafted' Mediterranean feel to your restaurant, cafe, or bistro, whilst being tough enough to withstand the rigours of every day commercial use. As part of the DPS Tableware range, the Rustico Ironstone Crockery selection is committed to offering the best in commercial crockery at excellent prices.  This range of catering crockery features items such as pasta dishes, deep bowls and sauce dishes and is sure to add a unique touch to your dining table.