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Antibacterial Polycarbonate Cutlery

Antibacterial cutlery reduces bacterial contamination which can lead to infections and illnesses.  Designed for schools, nurseries, hospitals and nursing homes this range of antibacterial cutlery features Biomaster protection.  Biomaster has been proven to reduce the growth of over 50 different species of bacteria including Ecoli and Salmonella by 99%!  Biomaster added to this antibacterial polycarbonate cutlery results in a range of catering cutlery combining the benefits of polycarbonate with additional advantages for catering environments.  Virtually unbreakable and reusable polycarbonate cutlery, the Harfield antibacterial polycarbonate cutlery range is a response to the need to decrease the risk of bacterial cross contamination, which can cause illness and infection.

Pattersons Catering Supplies also stock a complete range of antibacterial tableware featuring both the benefits of Biomaster as well as the advantages of polycarbonate.  Where there is a need for virtually unbreakable, shatterproof tableware the antibacterial range is a must.  Pattersons Catering Supplies are ready to deliver next day when ordered online from our huge catering supplies website.

Since 1889 Pattersons Catering Supplies have delivered around the UK.  Find out why we are a leading supplier of polycarbonate cutlery and tableware, order today and we deliver your catering cutlery supplies tomorrow.  For any help or guidance on wholesale cutlery supplies, or you wish to find out more about the antibacterial range of cutlery and tableware and its suitability to your catering environment please contact our customers services team on or by phone on 0117 934 1270.