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Yellow Polycarbonate Cutlery

Yellow Polycarbonate Cutlery

This yellow polycarbonate cutlery collection is a heavy duty plastic cutlery range popular with schools, healthcare and at home with customers who have children.  When stainless steel cutlery is not suitable, this bright, fun coloured yellow polycarbonate range is ideal. Not only is it shatterproof this polycarbonate cutlery yellow is also virtually unbreakable, offering greater safety when this is of paramount importance.   Manufactured by Harfield Polycarbonate Tableware, this collection of yellow polycarbonate cutlery offers co-ordinating yellow polycarbonate forks, yellow polycarbonate knifes, yellow polycarbonate spoons and yellow polycarbonate teaspoons.  Yellow polycarbonate cutlery will brightens up any table!  This polycarbonate cutlery can be washed in a dishwasher and is designed for professional use, but is also suitable for anyone, both domestic or professionals looking for a heavy duty plastic cutlery range.

Yellow Polycarbonate Cutlery Delivered Next Day

If you require yellow polycarbonate cutlery Pattersons Catering Supplies, can supply your shatterproof polycarbonate next day.  We have been supplying UK businesses with polycarbonate cutlery for decades and have been a leading independent supplier to the catering and cleaning markets since 1889. Discover our complete collection of polycarbonate cutlery online today.

Polycarbonate Cutlery – Heavy Duty Plastic Cutlery In A Range Of Colours

In some industries it is vital your polycarbonate cutlery is bright for medical and safety reasons, so at Pattersons Catering Supplies to make it easier for you we have divided our polycarbonate range of cutlery into different sections, making it easier to co-ordinate and match your heavy duty plastic cutlery.  For polycarbonate cutlery that can be used again and again browse through the different colours:

White Polycarbonate Cutlery Blue Polycarbonate Cutlery Yellow Polycarbonate Cutlery Red Polycarbonate Cutlery Green Polycarbonate Cutlery Purple Polycarbonate Cutlery Black Polycarbonate Cutlery Antibacterial Polycarbonate Cutlery

If you have any queries regarding wholesale catering cutlery, want to know more about the advantages of polycarbonate cutlery over stainless steel cutlery, or have any questions regarding this yellow polycarbonate range please contact our customer services team on 0117 934 1270 for guidance or email