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Green Polycarbonate Cutlery

Virtually unbreakable green polycarbonate cutlery from Pattersons Catering Supplies. This range of green polycarbonate cutlery features green polycarbonate forks, green polycarbonate knifes, green polycarbonate spoons and green polycarbonate teaspoons.  Polycarbonate cutlery is shatterproof and great for schools, healthcare and for use at children’s meal times.  In a bright, fun colour, green polycarbonate cutlery is microwave safe and also dishwasher safe too! If stainless steel catering cutlery is not suitable, then polycarbonate cutlery is the answer.

Green Polycarbonate Cutlery – Virtually Unbreakable & Shatterproof

Pattersons Catering Supplies stock all the pieces of catering cutlery required for any occasion and our extensive range of green polycarbonate cutlery has all the key pieces of cutlery required for meal times.  Since 1889 we have been supplying the UK market, so if you require speedy, efficient delivery of polycarbonate cutlery then browse our online store, order today and we will deliver your green polycarbonate cutlery tomorrow.  Our huge range of polycarbonate cutlery is available online at so to make it easier selecting the right coloured polycarbonate tableware we have divided our polycarbonate cutlery into different colours.

White Polycarbonate Cutlery Blue Polycarbonate Cutlery Yellow Polycarbonate Cutlery Red Polycarbonate Cutlery Green Polycarbonate Cutlery Purple Polycarbonate Cutlery Black Polycarbonate Cutlery Antibacterial Polycarbonate Cutlery.

If you cannot find what you are looking for and require guidance on choosing polycarbonate cutlery then contact our helpful customer services team on Here to help with any catering cutlery question, they are available Monday to Friday 8.30am till 5pm. If you require polycarbonate tableware, then browse our extensive range online and find co-ordinating polycarbonate tableware to match your polycarbonate cutlery!