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Chef & Sommelier Macaron Wine Glasses

The Chef & Sommelier Macaron wine glass collection translates the pleasure of a perfectly paired wine and dish with its gourmand name and unexpected silhouette. The bold, rounded contours of Macaron are ideal for wine. The strength of each fine dining wine glass is reinforced with a double shape of opened and closed glass. The ingenuity of this glass doesn't end there: its lip naturally meets the mouth thanks to a very specific design that adds to the enjoyment. This range of fine dining glassware offers statement prices which your customers will either totally love or hate, but which ever they can’t help but notice the talking point on the table.  Not for everyone, this range of C&S glasses are for bold restaurateurs who like their catering glassware to make as much as a statement as their food and drinks.

Chef & Sommelier Macaron Wine Glasses – Glasses For Restaurants

Here at Pattersons Catering Supplies we are excited to introduce this range of catering glassware to the market.  Featuring wine glasses that make people look, Macaron is different to the usual offerings with its bold shape and design.  Manufactured by Chef & Sommelier, Macaron is just one range of commercial glass stocked by Pattersons ready for next day UK delivery.  Wine Glasses by Chef & Sommelier are designed to help awaken your senses so browse our extensive fine dining range of glasses and find the perfect C&S wine glass today.