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Chef & Sommelier Cabernet Wine Glasses

Chef & Sommelier Cabernet Wine Glasses

With classic lines enhanced by a flame polished stem, the Chef & Sommelier Cabernet Wine Glass collection offers superior glassware perfect for fine dining establishments. This stunning C&S glassware range is made from Krysta, which combines strength with exceptional finesse. This ultra-clear, long lasting restaurant glassware is made from the purest crystal on the market, capable of withstanding the rigours of hospitality and maintaining its shine even after 2,000 dishwashing cycles. The Cabernet C&S wine glasses will make a great addition to your catering glassware, certain to leave a lasting impression on guests.

As well as looking lavish on any table, these restaurant glasses are specifically designed to enhance the taste of wine.  To browse alternative C&S glassware ranges, visit our crystal restaurant glasses department where you are sure to find an array of glasses to suit your requirements.