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Libbey Teardrop Wine Glasses

Libbey Teardrop Wine Glasses

Libbey Teardrop wine glasses and stemware are a range of restaurant glasses designed for the bar and catering trade.  Teardrop is a collection of one piece stemmed catering glassware whose construction offers safety and durability.  Teardrop glassware features the Libbey’s Safedge® Rim and Foot Guarantee which offers reassurance that the Libbey Teardrop stemware range won’t chip with ease. These glasswasher safe Libbey wine glasses are a great shape for casual dining in gastro pubs but are also a very popular range of pub glassware, bar glassware and restaurant glassware.  Featuring a variety of wine glasses, the Teardrop glassware range has a wine glass for every occasion.  The smallest catering glass in the collection is the Teardrop sherry at 3oz and the largest the Teardrop Wine Glass a with a 12oz capacity. With CE stamped and lined options, Teardrop wine glasses are a good option for busy bars who need to serve wine at speed and prefer not to sue a thimble measure.  Our commercial glassware range, Libbey wine glasses, are all available with next day delivery from Pattersons Catering Supplies.  For more Libbey Glasses from our catering wine glass range have a look at the Libbey Perception range of wine glasses. For wholesale catering glasses delivered next day Pattersons is a catering supplier you can trust.