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Chef & Sommelier Sublym Wine Glasses

Chef & Sommelier Sublym Wine Glasses

From commercial catering glassware experts Chef & Sommelier, the Sublym range of wine glasses offers an extensive list of stylistic attributes and practical features, leaving them undeniably perfect for the restaurant or bar looking to create an impression. Made from break-resistant Kwarx and featuring a perfectly balanced bowl, extremely narrow rim, and exceptionally refined stem, the Sublym glassware range is certain to add elegance to any table setting. Enjoy all kinds of wine with this collection of five stemmed glasses ranging in size from 25cl to 55cl.

This catering glassware is manufactured from Krysta, a proprietary lead-free crystal glass which has superior strength, complete transparency and long-lasting brilliance even after 2000 dishwashing cycles. It even boasts the pure, musical sound you’d expect from crystal.