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Reusable Plastic Tumblers

Reusable Plastic Tumblers

Reusable plastic tumblers are perfect for events, parties and picnics.  Here at Pattersons Catering Supplies we stock a vast range of plastic reusable glasses in key sizes for the licensed trade and events.  Choose from small reusable plastic shot glasses, to half pint plastic glasses, reusable plastic pint glasses, plastic reusable tumblers as well as reusable plastic hiballs.  Make any party or event successful with our huge selection of plastic tumblers, which are shatterproof and virtually unbreakable.  If you need a quality plastic glass and wish to use them again, then this range of reusable plastic tumblers is perfect.  All reusable tumblers can be washed in the dishwasher up to 500 times for our premium plastic range.  We also offer CE and LCE reusable tumblers, full to the brim plastic pint glasses and much, much more.  In fact any type of drink you wish to serve, Pattersons Catering Supplies has a reusable tumbler for you.

We also stock reusable plastic wine glasses, as well as plastic reusable champagne flutes in our reusable glass section.  If you don’t wish to wash your plastic glasses and reuse then maybe our disposable plastic glass section is for you?