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Porcelite Connoisseur

Porcelite Connoisseur

Porcelite Connoisseur is a range of fine bone china with a unique sense of style and flair. Strong, lightweight, and practical, Connoisseur catering crockery is ideal for a variety of establishments that want to create a contemporary and sophisticated atmosphere. Each item from plate to teapot is sturdy enough for both back and front of house, and what’s more, all items in the Porcelite Connoisseur range are microwave and dishwasher safe. This Porcelite catering selection will provide the perfect accompaniment to all kinds of table service and presentation in pubs, restaurants, and banqueting venues.

This range of white catering crockery is ideal for a restaurant looking for a striking white range of catering crockery that is tough and light for their servers to handle. Why not mix and match Porcelite Connoisseur with other items from the Porcelite catering crockery range?

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