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Our range of economy catering crockery offers cheap restaurant crockery, combining value with the durability required by the catering trade.  Just because our catering crockery is cheap does not mean it is not designed to do the job.  Each piece in our restaurant crockery range is microwave and dishwasher safe and can stand the rigours of any catering back of house!  Fully vitrified, our biggest seller is the low priced Simply White range of catering crockery.  This crockery range may offer real value for money, but also pure white pieces with a great choice of different wares, different shapes and sizes.    

Have a look through our economy catering crockery range and see if Simply has the pieces of catering crockery you need.  We also have an extensive collection of restaurant crockery from other top brands such as Churchill and Porcelite online.  To see more from our extensive catering crockery range, click here.