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Economy Cutlery

Economy cutlery offers an inexpensive option of wholesale catering cutlery if your restaurant or business doesn’t want to spend a fortune on their cutlery budget. Our cheap economy restaurant cutlery range will help you stay within budget, whether you are buying standard economy cutlery sets or are in need of economy children’s cutlery. Pattersons extensive range of economy catering cutlery allows you to buy such items as economy forks, knives and cheap spoons separately, or opt for a complete set of catering cutlery if you are buying your entire cutlery needs in one go. Our selection of economy wholesale cutlery is perfect for use in schools, canteens and catering events where the quick, economic, and easy replacing of cutlery is paramount. All of our catering economy cutlery can be dishwashed, is designed to be fit for purpose and offers a cheap range of restaurant cutlery for the budget conscious caterer.

Economy Catering Cutlery For Caterers Looking For Budget Restaurant Cutlery

Manufactured by DPS, this economy cutlery range is just one brand of commercial cutlery we stock at Pattersons Catering Supplies, as a leading UK catering cutlery supplier.  Here at Pattersons Catering Supplies we stock a wide range of wholesale catering cutlery to suit any pub or restaurant. If you were looking for a more upmarket range of catering cutlery, or even an everyday range of a higher quality, then why not check out our restaurant cutlery selection from leading brands such as Churchill and Solo.