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236 Economy Cutlery

236 Economy Cutlery


The 236 Economy Cutlery range is a popular range of cheap commercial catering cutlery manufactured from 18/0 stainless steel. This collection of commercial cutlery is fully dishwasher safe and designed to be used in volume catering businesses. This cheap catering cutlery is perfect for use in cafes, bars, schools and restaurants and a popular choice with canteens. This may be cheap catering cutlery, but the simple design of the 236 commercial cutlery range will fulfil your cutlery needs. Opting for economy catering cutlery frees up some of your budget to spend on other catering supplies, and even better, this range of cheap wholesale cutlery is easy to replace when needed from Pattersons Catering Supplies!  We can delivery all your catering cutlery, next day!

With economy 236 catering cutlery there is a complete range for all your catering cutlery needs.  Here at Pattersons Catering Supplies, as a leading UK catering cutlery supplier, we stock everything from 236 economy cutlery table knives, to 236 table forks, economy dessert knives, dessert forks and also economy teaspoons, soup spoons and table spoons!  In fact every piece of economy 236 cheap commercial cutlery you need!  Each piece of catering cutlery in the 236 economy cutlery range can be washed in a commercial dishwasher, making this range not only affordable, but also suited for use in a commercial catering environment.

Pattersons Catering Supplies stocks a large range of catering cutlery to match any catering budget, we also stock an alternative cheap cutlery range - 999p Economy Cutlery.