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Duni Ecoecho Napkins

Duni Ecoecho Napkins

The future is in your hands and that’s what inspired Duni to create their Ecoecho range of catering napkins and disposables.  Combining style and quality, the Ecoecho range of napkins and coasters are OK-compost certified, FSC certified and fully traceable.  This range of environmentally friendly napkins also contains no toxic agents and have a very low impact, especially when compared with other ranges of eco napkins.  Designed for catering use, the Duni Ecoecho napkin range also comply with food contract regulations and have a raw natural look, to match their eco-conscious profile.  There is a choice of paper napkins with different grades of quality which follow the different levels of disposable napkins Duni stock in their disposable catering napkin range, from tissue napkins all the way to the premium Dunisoft.  So choose Duni Ecoecho and star protecting the future!

The Duni Ecoecho catering napkins really are as good as described and to confirm this Titti Qvarnstrom, the first female chef in Sweden to win a Michelin-star is the Duni Ecoecho ambassador.  By putting her name to this range of eco napkins demonstrates the Duni promise for creating a paper catering napkin range which has the environment in his consciousness.

Eco Napkins From A Massive Range Of Stocked Catering Napkins

Here at Pattersons Catering Supplies we stock hundreds of wholesale paper napkins for all types of occasion, from catering to cocktails as well as party napkins and disposable napkins that have the look and quality of linen napkins yet are disposable.  Browse our extensive range of tissue napkins online, or if you need any help or guidance then contact our team on for help and advice selecting the right catering napkin or to answer any catering supplies question you have.