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For the best results when baking, add a baking mat or baking sheet to your list of kitchen tools. Ideal for kneading dough, rolling out pastry and general baking our baking mats have been chosen and designed by professional bakers and pastry chefs. Choose from our silicone and non-stick baking mats and use them to line your roasting or baking tray so food residue does not stick to the container and burn. Each of our baking mats can be cut to any size you require, but are also completely washable and reusable. For anyone working in the catering industry, baking mats are an essential tool to avoid cross-contamination and remain hygienic at all times.

Kitchen Equipment Including Baking Supplies Available At Pattersons Catering Supplies

Choose from our professional chef knives, commercial cookware and kitchen utensils to add to your professional kitchenware. All of our catering supplies have been chosen by professional chefs working in the field, so you can choose from leading catering brands such as Genware and Stellar. Order online at Pattersons to have your professional baking supplies with you by tomorrow.